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Crowsar's News

Posted by Crowsar - 1 month ago

The Sprite that it I make starting now, we will wait and see more Pico character sprite to Mugen coming soon.

More playable on it way. Mostly lucky Pico day I will release new character and play as them.

I gonna start Pico and Otis first the rest of the Pico's School, Pico's Cousin and Piconjo Series if it possible.

Time to build up the roster.


Preview for the Mugen gameplays look like


Character Animation


The Portrait for Character select screen


Supermove/ Hypermove render.


And new more stage as i'm showing Otis' house his bedroom which it never shown in original game.

There will more and later.


Posted by Crowsar - June 30th, 2022


Next Year for Otis Day

He gonna make a comeback. That you can play him.


Posted by Crowsar - June 28th, 2022

Over 16 Years later the character what do Otis should had been greater role but 95% of the Newgrounds fan forget Otis.

I was wondering that his fan is isn't going anywhere but most of Otis fan has been an uproar for not remembering him or used very much since the Pico Day 2006 afterward.

Pico's Cousin is first appearance in 2003 (After Tom Fulp not finish Pico 2 and Alien Hominids)

Otis is the protagonist of Pico's Cousin, a fan-made spinoff game of Pico's School by Newgrounds user Magna.

He is the younger cousin of Pico and shares very similar attributes with him, due to inheriting "warrior genes" that were passed down from his family through generations.

Back in 2005 Pico's Cousin 2 was success to Pico's School. Some fan didn't give this series chance Otis deserve better.

I wonder why people bashed him recolor of Pico, Non-Canon Character, copy same story like the goth punks.

Otis is only 11 years old kid in Pico's Cousin and Pico is 17 years old in Pico School.

Otis is a Main Character of Pico's Cousin, his own character and own goals. only Newgrounds character who wear blue shirt protagonist, none of the character who wear blue shirt other then Otis as a protagonist.

Pico has done few bad thing his life too. Otis has a different path and his goals.

Let explained why his fans didn't much attention in 2000's and 2010's

It sad to say Otis has never been Pico's day for very long since 2006.

In Newgrounds website Otis didn't appear any newer game and animation for over 15 years!

Until 2022 Otis appear few animation like Purple-Glitch, Pikafaa, Hattsoff and EpicNaomi.

Here list of Otis Appear in Movies and Animation


And Otis still didn't gain much relevant to give him more love.

I enjoy Pico Day but very disappointing without his cousin Otis around or Damien from the Neo Goth Punks they wouldn't be interesting.

Tom Fulp seem forgot about Otis and not giving his own day. It just Pico Day and Piconjo Day without Otis Day.

sad for Pico's Cousin fandom, Otis is treated more as Luigi and Oswald of Newgrounds universe.

This is my most problem about great character ignore by the older fans.

We make our own Otis Day and it was good solid content then Pico Day with too many newbie making short animation 10 sec long.

Most Newgrounds fan mostly used Pico, Tankman, Madness Combat, Piconjo, Alien Hominids and some other character from Newgrounds Rumble.

I wish they can't keep ignore most of the from Pico's School and Pico's Cousin Character exclusively give them more content make them duo together and increase popularity. 

Newgrounds is for everyone are sure but I hate how they underused both Pico's School and Pico's Cousin Series for not getting more content that we got.

Pico's School for not getting the competed sequel.

Pico's Cousin for not getting more attention for them.

Pico and Otis are both Warrior Genes I think this duo is better then Pico and Boyfriend and I never see them team up and fight in animation yet.

I basically been to Newgrounds since 2011 and I forgot about it and now for a revisited to supporting and bring back the older one again.

Boyfriend is nothing to do against the Penilian and Pico own Story.

Give him more relevant and increase more fan if not the fan will end up leaving.

Yeah Pico never done in his official game which Pico is a kinda wasted by his own creator Tom Fulp.

Don't even try with Fnf Pico he's not good is nothing to do with his story at all.

Pico's Cousin may the fan-game hidden gem of Newgrounds and get a sequel that Pico's School 2 is finished.

Who want Pico's Cousin 3? I do but I got some idea for Otis and more content for the future.

Anyone who a fan of Pico's Cousin Series join and make Otis protagonist improve the better then discontinuous series like Pico's School.

Who else replay this game because his family has warrior genes?

I'm a fan of Pico Series such as Pico's School, Pico's Cousin and Piconjo.

But Pico's Cousin is least popular out of the 3 series.

They are the underdog of the Newgrounds they based of Super Mario Character Like

Pico is Mario the main character

Otis is Luigi the youngest

Piconjo is Wario the rival

Jerkoffman is Waluigi

Just saying they supported to be the Mario of Newgrounds.

The Underdog of the Franchise

Don't let the Pico series dying again after FNF Popularity.

I don't want to happen to other character treated by other company like Oswald the lucky rabbit treated by Disney not letting him get his new show.

So that it all, we wish to see Otis and Alien Hominid together that will be interesting idea.

Don't forget his fan is still around and he will get more content for future.


Posted by Crowsar - June 22nd, 2022


After I finish all 8 classic cartoon character (After Flip The Frog). I got many idea and plan for those character from the Pico Universe they would had potential to fighting game.

They might had many good character to play as.

If I haven't stop working the sprite I got more thing to do. Build up the strong fighting game for Pico's School for Newgrounds.

The Character I List was:

Phase 1 (Pico and Friends Including his cousin.) - Pico, Otis, Nene and Darnell

Phase 2 (Goth Punks) - Cassandra, Cyclops, Alucard and Hanzou

Phase 3 (More Great Character) - Damien, Piconjo (Rumble) and Jerkoffman

Phase 4 (The rest of Neo Goth Punks) - Cyclops's Cousin, Ozmose and Hanzou

Some character are wasn't in this list such like Uberkids (Low chance) and Convict (being too difficult for the Palettes)

I been working the sprite for nearly 6 years I think I can continue for more. Some character can be fight differently or same like the older day.

Mid 2023 or 2024 I will might start working those character. They will be not easy to make so I will try it If I'm finish with Classic Cartoon.

If someone can give idea for them before I will come back and work for this.



Posted by Crowsar - May 27th, 2022

Character Bio for Pico's Cousin 3 Mythic Goth (Fanmade)

New Biography for fan made/fan game of Pico's Cousin Series

Otis's new adventure continued.

2 new friends, 1 new agent and 5 new villains.

8 Arc of Pico's Cousin 3 Mythic Goth

Take place after 2 Weeks in Pico's Cousin 2

This Story is Otis saving the day again but not similar to Pico's School. He went out the to explode the world to find Penilian hide out and save the world being destroy the whole planet.

Up to New 16 weapons and the older weapons if he has from the past game Otis still use them.

Character Bio are Otis, Gibbons, Yeirlo, Grainoy, Agent Urass, Elemental Goth Punks and Exauros











Looking for more Information about them about the full History go to Deviantart to find the description.

The Story is very long then the first two games.

Any That it all.



Posted by Crowsar - May 17th, 2022

Otis Day 2022 Project Pixkill has ended.

Because Otis got killed 3 times is Game over and the fight is discontinued.


Ejen Ali, Kitaro and Tachimukai are the Survive against Otis. 44% of the Child are the upper hand. and other rest are doing their best. Well played.

Otis didn't get a chance to fight Inazuma Eleven Character.

Who know who gonna win at the final fight without continuing.

Otis is very strong but not all children heroes can be powerful to face with.

If Otis win only he fight all the character then he will victorious.

We will see more about him some day. GG Otis

Rest and Peace.



Posted by Crowsar - May 13th, 2022

Not only one who say Otis Day (Pico's Cousin May 13th) So. (Not Pico Day Boy)

Here some of the Sprite and Art for Otis




Next year is gonna be Pico Cousin 20th anniversary.

If I can't react fast to make Pico and Otis Sprite for Mugen Games.

It can be rough time to land another years of training.


Posted by Crowsar - April 2nd, 2022

For the fellow Pico's Cousin Fan we will celebrate in 13th May. If Magna still didn't come back we still do our own Otis Day to build up his character and make him famous like Pico and Piconjo day.

It nearly 19th anniversary of Pico's Cousin.

I know most Newgrounder are mostly forgot Otis but his fan is still alive and remember by the few people.

Let's make them remember our boy Otis got a sequel back in 2005 as we wondering to see the continuing the next adventure.

Pico's Cousin Enjoyer will give him to shine like add more flash animation about him and more games as well.

In Pico Day there almost no Otis appearance since 2006.

We will make Otis great again. Warrior Genes will rise! iu_593580_9709987.png